Wednesday, December 12, 2007

i don't wanna wait in vain any more

Ito yung naisip ko after our ordeal today. Imagine, walang room sa Asian hospital and we waited there for 5 straight hours - with all of our stuff and the only thing that they can offer us was a place in the ward. I felt really bad because we had our name listed since Monday. It was a good thing that I haven't felt any pain at all.
I have nothing against staying in the ward. The problem is, after the operation...they cannot give me an assurance that I will be transferred to a private room. I have to be on the look out for secondary infection during the post-op and staying in the ward is really not a good idea.
Tomorrow, we have to go back again and wait if there is an available room. According to the admission officer, we are 8th on her list. This means that I have to be in the hospital early. Hopefully, we could have the procedure done either on Friday or Saturday morning.
For those who prayed for me, thank you very much and please do pray for the others also. God bless you guys, always.
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