Monday, December 10, 2007

Rainy days never say goodbye...

We went to the doctor today and informed her that our healthcard agreed to shoulder all my hospital bills (HAAALLLELUIIAAA!) except her professional fee. The next thing that happened was quite fast, my reaction was more than 30 minutes delayed.(mwehehehe) I was scheduled for a myomectomy and cystectomy on Thursday morning (7 am). I will be admitted on Wednesday, then bye-bye trolls and goolies on Thursday!

All of a sudden, I started imagining all these crazy stuff... mostly needles and scalpels. These made my knees wobble again.

At least, I have a valid reason to feel blue.

The good thing though is, I will be home on the 17th, in time for G's birthday on the 18th.
I just realized that I will be out for at least 5 to 6 days, so I will be preparing something for you guys to read while I'm out fighting the goolies and trolls in my uterus. Do pray for me and for the others who will also undergo operations this week. Thanks and God bless!

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