Friday, December 19, 2008

G's Birthday

It was G's birthday yesterday and of course, I've been looking for easy recipes that I can follow so I can somehow cook something up. Finally, the birthday dinner consisted of bacon-wrapped asparagus, a chicken and shrimp pesto pasta and a banana cream pie.

This was a dish that I got from Rachel Ray's 30-minute meals ( I made use of a bundle of large asparagus spears (16pcs) which I wrapped with honey maple bacon. After placing it in a glass oven dish, I seasoned it with a dash of pepper and some garlic powder before topping it with 3 tsp of EVOO. I placed it inside an oven which was pre-heated at 400 degrees Fahrenheit and just left it there to cook for 15 minutes. For it's dipping sauce, we just used a combination of Kikkoman soy sauce and lemon juice. It's very good and since I only made 8 bundles (each bundle consisted of 2 asparagus spears and 1 bacon), it was "bitin". Next time, I'll try to make more!!!

The pesto was easy because we just used the pre-made mixes. All I have to do was to cook the thin spaghetti noodles, saute the chicken and the shrimp (separately, because the chicken is actually for Oed who is allergic to shrimps) and then, add the pesto. I then mixed it with the cooked pasta and topped it with toasted pine nuts and some Parmesan cheese.

Abby absolutely loved the pine nuts! That's her hand showing a toasted pine nut which she started picking from the pasta.

And now this is the pie that just wouldn't cooperate... Abby calls it "Tita Rhea's Arctic Jungle Banana Cream Pie". It's a pie that doesn't look like a pie but tastes like one. I would've waited for the pastry cream to really thicken...sigh. But in fairness, it tasted really good. The combination of the pastry cream, graham, whipped cream and banana plus the cinnamon was enough to make G get more than his "fair" share. By the way, this was inspired by the banana cream pie recipe that I got from Yummy magazine's October 2007 issue. (Yes, I brought some of my Yummy mags with me and I hope to be reunited with some of them soon.) I promised myself that I will do this again for G but this time, I hoped to get it right just like the one in the mag. sigh.

G said it was a very good birthday dinner and he even volunteered to wash the dishes. (How sweet!!!) But since it was his birthday, I think it is but right to give him a break from his dish washing duties.


Monday, December 15, 2008

A Porky Business

We have guests that fine Sunday afternoon. Oed asked me if I have anything in mind. The truth was, I was up til the wee hours of the morning minding our laundry and browsing Eric's slow cooker recipes. I saw one interesting recipe.....Smothered Pork with Caramelized onions. I have never tried it before but it was a dish that calls for really simple ingredients so.... Smothered Pork it was!!!!

I dredged the pork loins in 1/2 cup of flour which was seasoned with salt and pepper. I browned them in 1 tbsp canola oil and 1 tbsp butter (I used the "I can't believe it's not butter" brand) and placed them in a baking pan.
In the same frying pan, I caramelized 2 thinly sliced onions to which I added 2 tsps of sugar and after what seemed forever (translate:15-20 mins), I deglazed the pan with 2 cups of chicken broth (made by using 2 cups of water and 2 small chicken bouillon cubes).
The onion mixture was added to the browned pork loins and I baked them for an hour in a pre-heated oven of about 325 degrees Fahrenheit. They turned out pretty good and tasty. The meat was moist and the caramelized onions imparted so much flavor to the meat. I paired it with buttered mixed vegetables and rice. It worked well with mashed potatoes too! Super!

And look at this darling of a boy who kept us busy at the dining table.

Diego is such a cutie patooooteeeee!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

out and about with ayen and joon

This is what we looked like after scouring various stores last black Friday. Ayen got a new vacuum cleaner and Joon got a new GPS. G got me proper winter clothes.

This was taken inside Golden Corral, a buffet restaurant. The food here is great but kinda oily. But we love the overflowing bread, sweet tea and honey spread. This was Ayen's treat.

This was taken when we went to a very nice furniture store called Ikea. It has its own cafe and they make really good Swedish meatballs.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Misplaced in Baltimore

hey! i'm baaaaaaaaccccckkkkkk!

i'm re-united with my husband after what felt like forever. it was a 22 hour trip. from manila to nagoya. then from nagoya to detroit. and finally from detroit to baltimore.

my husband G(with flowers and teddy bear in tow) plus the torregozas fetched me from the airport.

upon arriving at bonnie ridge where we are currently residing, i was told that there is a dinner party waiting for me at the belvedere towers where some of our friends are staying.

here are several pics that i got from ayen who is our official photographer.

we are obviously hungry!!!!

- this was taken during my welcome party. these people went out of their way to throw me a welcome dinner. thank you so much! joon, thanks for hosting!!!!

to my left you have: ayen, joon, miss ditas, kuya mon and sir andy

next to me is cyrene and to my right, my husband G and ayen

i was a bit tired but the warmth and love shown by G and my friends really made my day.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

my furry little shadow

our furry pet came to us 2 days before the Christmas of 2003. i don't really know what to expect and i was reluctant to take her since i am not so sure how my parents would react to this little cutie. well, just one good look...that's all it took for shadow to win everyone over.

she was born on the 3rd of November. her parents were george and shivers. shadow is a carbon copy of her mom. her size though she got from her dad.

shadow is a diva...she sings a lot and she's very, very smart. check out the poses...

she is such a cutie...and she lived up to her name. wherever we go, shadow is sure to follow.

she used to sleep beside us in our bed (me and my sisters') when she was still a baby. as she grew older, she became more independent and assumed ownership of our couch...
if only she could live forever....i hope she lives to more than a hundred..

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

of love, passion and lust...

i watched original sin last night....i have to say that i liked every part of it. antonio and angelina gave so much justification to the characters that i cannot imagine any other actor or actress who could have done a most effective portrayal.

in one particular part of the movie, a friend of luis asked him if what he felt was lust or love. the difference between the 2 according to his old friend was the fact that in love - you give and just give more...lust on the other hand is to take and take more.

as i look at any man-woman relationship...both cannot be separated. it's hard to love someone and yet desire another...but it is possible to love and desire the same person.

anyway, this movie was said to be a screen adaptation of a novel entitled, Waltz into Darkness by Cornell Woolrich. Fascinating! I have to go and get myself a copy of this one.

i love antonio's character. here, he portrayed a man who became vulnerable when he started loving this mysterious woman. he is such a sensitive soul. one of the scenes that i truly love was when julia expressed that she was shy of other words, she's not yet ready to consummate their marriage and he understands! "if you wish me to come to you, i will but not before" - oh man! if i'm julia...i would adore him that very minute.

what i like about angelina's character was her she going to be a bonnie or a julia? a devoted wife or a thief? a lover or a murderer? i guess in the end..she didn't pick any....she came to be her own person...a woman who chose to love her husband....

i love it...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

One Night in Baguio...

It was just an overnight stay in Baguio....but we made the most out of it by going out on a date at Cafe by the Ruins..
We will be back...with a vengeance!!!!!
Lemongrass iced tea with honey as thirst quenchers...
Watercress soup with shitake mushrooms to warm our tummies
Warm camote bread with butter and jam, soft and chewy...
Fetuccine with cream and fish roe for an additional carb fix...
Strawberry shortcake, the star of the night!

thousands of miles away from my love...

dear bem,

some things i realized now that we are thousands of miles apart:

1. that i would want to sleep and wake up next to you every single day of my life

2. that i enjoyed being your favorite coffee, movie and food trip date

3. that i would never tire of hearing your voice over and over again

4. that i miss your laughter, your presence, your touch....

5. that this would be the last time that we will be away from each other again.

i love you so much and i will be there with you soon...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Some Fun in the Sun

with roc, malou,ardel,may,mariko and ralf

This is my first blog entry after a very long break from writing. I know, I amount of excuses could cover up the most obvious... that I was having fun wasting so much of my free time. Now that I admitted it, please find in your hearts to forgive poor little me?

with roc, may,ardel,czar,trix and sheila

Last Tuesday, after the retreat, we went to San Juan (Batangas) for our school outing. We don't know exactly what to expect because this is our first time to go to Balai Resort. Worst, we had a really bad start because it took us 4 hours to get to the place even if we were already in Batulao(also in Batangas).

having fun with Roc
Our spirits were a wee bit dampened but all things changed when we had a view of the beach. The beach was clean and oh so beautiful! Never mind if it took us 4 hours to reach it! Never mind if we ran out of water when we were about to take our baths after....we just love the beach! Great view...Great beach...Great company! The only one missing was my baby! Bem, wished you were there!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

No more champagne and the fireworks are through...

Good bye 2007 and hello 2008! Happy new year everyone! Man, how time flies....

What can I say about 2007? Well, para siyang dark chocolate - "bitter sweet". It is a year filled with so many transitions and it has its share of both sad and happy memories! At this point, let me recall some of the memories I intend to embrace forever starting with...

Mom's 50th birthday!

- Malaking bagay para sa amin ang birthday ni Mom. Kasi, other than New Year's day siya pinanganak, there was a time na we thought we're gonna lose her. From that time on, every year counts in my Mom's life.

Papa Vic's 64th birthday! Siyempre pa, di pwedeng walang food ang pinakama-mahal kong papa. Masaya siya during this time. We bought choco mousse cake. Sina mommy na ang bumili ng iba pang handa like the pancit canton, barbecue at pichi - pichi. Significant sa akin ito dahil we never knew that this would be his last birthday. Saan ka man naroroon Papa, we love you.

Ito, medyo naluha-luha ako. Kasi ba naman, teacher's day. Akala ko, di ako mahal ng mga anak ko sa FG. Di na ako nag-e-expect na bigyan ng kahit ano, kahit isang pirasong halls menthol candy. Haaay! May kurot din pala ang lola niyo sa mga puso nila.

Ang lolo Norman Llaguno ko, nabuhay!!!! Love na love ko itong lola este lolo kong ito. Naalala ko bigla yung time na nagkagalit kami, akala ko di na kami magbabati...siya pa ang umakap sa akin. Haay, dramatics...buti di niya nakita na napa-luha ang lola niyo.

Home Sweet Home - Hari at Reyna na kami ng aming sariling tahanan sa wakas. It's different talaga when you're on your own na. Masaya pala! Para kaming nagba-bahay bayan ni Sweetheart. Siyempre, minsan...nananalangin din kami ng amin talagang bahay, pero okey na itong rented apartment for the mean time...ang importante, magkasama kami.

Unang beses kong makaranas ng Eastern Vigil, at "neo" style pa! Kahit na gutom ka at inaantok-antok na, parang exciting pa rin kasi we we're feeding on God's words. Exhilarating! Sana maulit muli.

Happy 29th birthday to me! Nyak! 2 years na lang wala na ako sa kalendaryo! Bumili lang ako ng barbecue pero si Baby, binilhan ako ng pagkaganda-gandang cake. Gawa siya ng co-teacher namin dati na si John Pineda. Lemon yung flavor niya at super duper sarap!

Siyempre pa, Happy 2nd year anniversary rin, Bebem! Love you to the moon and back. Akalain mo bang nakadalawang taon na tayo?
Anyway, may karugtong pa ito. Tomorrow naman yung iba.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Merry Christmas, Darling!

What is Christmas without the family? Di ko alam, all I know is I cannot imagine Christmas without being surrounded by my loved ones.

This is our first Christmas in our apartment. First Christmas namin ni Sweetheart na "on our own" kami. Medyo nagdrama-drama ang lola niyo kasi, di ako nakapagluto ng kahit na ano. Ang food namin e puro bigay.hehehe God is a real provider talaga.

After our simple noche buena (in our apartment), nangapit-bahay kami kina mommy. I'm happy to see Mom in one of her festive moods. Anna gave out really nice gifts. Weeee! lahat kami may Girbaud na bags. Love u Banotnot!

After that, siyempre, walang kamatayang "kodakan".
Haaay! I love my family!