Thursday, May 29, 2008

Some Fun in the Sun

with roc, malou,ardel,may,mariko and ralf

This is my first blog entry after a very long break from writing. I know, I amount of excuses could cover up the most obvious... that I was having fun wasting so much of my free time. Now that I admitted it, please find in your hearts to forgive poor little me?

with roc, may,ardel,czar,trix and sheila

Last Tuesday, after the retreat, we went to San Juan (Batangas) for our school outing. We don't know exactly what to expect because this is our first time to go to Balai Resort. Worst, we had a really bad start because it took us 4 hours to get to the place even if we were already in Batulao(also in Batangas).

having fun with Roc
Our spirits were a wee bit dampened but all things changed when we had a view of the beach. The beach was clean and oh so beautiful! Never mind if it took us 4 hours to reach it! Never mind if we ran out of water when we were about to take our baths after....we just love the beach! Great view...Great beach...Great company! The only one missing was my baby! Bem, wished you were there!