Tuesday, September 9, 2008

of love, passion and lust...

i watched original sin last night....i have to say that i liked every part of it. antonio and angelina gave so much justification to the characters that i cannot imagine any other actor or actress who could have done a most effective portrayal.

in one particular part of the movie, a friend of luis asked him if what he felt was lust or love. the difference between the 2 according to his old friend was the fact that in love - you give and just give more...lust on the other hand is to take and take more.

as i look at it...in any man-woman relationship...both cannot be separated. it's hard to love someone and yet desire another...but it is possible to love and desire the same person.

anyway, this movie was said to be a screen adaptation of a novel entitled, Waltz into Darkness by Cornell Woolrich. Fascinating! I have to go and get myself a copy of this one.

i love antonio's character. here, he portrayed a man who became vulnerable when he started loving this mysterious woman. he is such a sensitive soul. one of the scenes that i truly love was when julia expressed that she was shy of visits..in other words, she's not yet ready to consummate their marriage and he understands! "if you wish me to come to you, i will but not before" - oh man! if i'm julia...i would adore him that very minute.

what i like about angelina's character was her confusion...is she going to be a bonnie or a julia? a devoted wife or a thief? a lover or a murderer? i guess in the end..she didn't pick any....she came to be her own person...a woman who chose to love her husband....

i love it...

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