Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Misplaced in Baltimore

hey! i'm baaaaaaaaccccckkkkkk!

i'm re-united with my husband after what felt like forever. it was a 22 hour trip. from manila to nagoya. then from nagoya to detroit. and finally from detroit to baltimore.

my husband G(with flowers and teddy bear in tow) plus the torregozas fetched me from the airport.

upon arriving at bonnie ridge where we are currently residing, i was told that there is a dinner party waiting for me at the belvedere towers where some of our friends are staying.

here are several pics that i got from ayen who is our official photographer.

we are obviously hungry!!!!

- this was taken during my welcome party. these people went out of their way to throw me a welcome dinner. thank you so much! joon, thanks for hosting!!!!

to my left you have: ayen, joon, miss ditas, kuya mon and sir andy

next to me is cyrene and to my right, my husband G and ayen

i was a bit tired but the warmth and love shown by G and my friends really made my day.

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