Monday, December 15, 2008

A Porky Business

We have guests that fine Sunday afternoon. Oed asked me if I have anything in mind. The truth was, I was up til the wee hours of the morning minding our laundry and browsing Eric's slow cooker recipes. I saw one interesting recipe.....Smothered Pork with Caramelized onions. I have never tried it before but it was a dish that calls for really simple ingredients so.... Smothered Pork it was!!!!

I dredged the pork loins in 1/2 cup of flour which was seasoned with salt and pepper. I browned them in 1 tbsp canola oil and 1 tbsp butter (I used the "I can't believe it's not butter" brand) and placed them in a baking pan.
In the same frying pan, I caramelized 2 thinly sliced onions to which I added 2 tsps of sugar and after what seemed forever (translate:15-20 mins), I deglazed the pan with 2 cups of chicken broth (made by using 2 cups of water and 2 small chicken bouillon cubes).
The onion mixture was added to the browned pork loins and I baked them for an hour in a pre-heated oven of about 325 degrees Fahrenheit. They turned out pretty good and tasty. The meat was moist and the caramelized onions imparted so much flavor to the meat. I paired it with buttered mixed vegetables and rice. It worked well with mashed potatoes too! Super!

And look at this darling of a boy who kept us busy at the dining table.

Diego is such a cutie patooooteeeee!

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