Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the week that was....

i was very happy for the past few days because i get to spend a lot of quality time with my hubby,G. they had a long weekend c/o martin luther king's day and president obama's inauguration. i wish it's already summer.

so far so good, the people here were my official tasters and i am so relieved that the dishes i've prepared so far are getting good responses. phew!!!!

i used my ever trusty "illustrated kitchen bible" for the apple charlotte with which we capped our dinners and i also managed to salvage some of our left-overs by taking joey's (of http://www.80breakfasts.blogspot.com/) advice of making a cottage pie out of it. this cottage pie was a hit and even ayen (who's our picky-eater friend) liked it a lot.

anyway, i was thankful that i managed to prepare something for G and oed all throughout the week prior to the long weekend. both had pork loin steak, daing na bangus and tocino (that i made using Mama Sita's mix), but there was one particular day though that i overslept so oed had spam and G had lamb stew (meal left-over) with his spam. hay! what can i do without u, spam!

we went out last friday and had dinner with joon and ayen. joon prepared baked cod and tortellini with arrabiata sauce which we all loved. after dinner, we went to applebees and had barbecued chicken fingers, fries, burgers and a oriental chicken roll-up. man, all we do is eat,eat and eat!!!!

saturday was a Sinulog celebration in our parish and i will be making another post about it.

we went to Mike's place last Sunday, watched the ravens (they were defeated by the steelers at 14-23) and had really good dinner c/o Shirley, Mike's beautiful wife. she prepared fish sinigang, bicol express, beef kare kare and goto topped with chicharon!!!! wow!

i wish for more days like these....

right now, it's already 1:40am and i'm still thinking of what to prepare later..hay!!!! wish me good luck! ;)

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