Tuesday, February 10, 2009

fully domesticated

last night, i talked with shaina for a long time. it made me realize how much i missed her company and our endless dinner and coffee dates when we used to be co-teachers. she is still teaching but me on the other hand, because of health reasons decided to be a homemaker for a while. i left my teaching post last september and i joined gil, here in baltimore, last november 22. i have to admit that the whole thing is totally new to me, but i am enjoying it. for one, i get to cook and prepare treats and food for gil's baon consistently except whenever i have my bouts with dysmenorrhea which can last for days.

here are some pics of the food i get to prepare for my baby:

this one is called brussel sprouts with bacon. the recipe of which i got from my beloved Williams-Sonoma's Essentials of Slow Cooking - but instead of using a slow cooker, this one i made on top of a stove. i think i overcooked the brussel sprouts but it still turned out delicious and the cream really took some of the bitterness away.

this one is just a simple beef and broccolli stir fry. i just sauted some onions, garlic and ginger before adding the beef. then i added the broccolli. i seasoned it with kikkoman and added cornstarch mixed in water plus a little sugar and pepper. it's done when the meat is already tender. this was a crowd pleaser!

this is my fave dessert contribution: leche flan

i love it's creamy consistency and the smell of vanilla in milk is so heavenly. i vowed though to try making this dessert using fresh milk and cream. and also to try baking it for a change and not steam it. hmmmm....
this one, inspite of the fact that it was steamed and made entirely from canned milk made everyone swoon. proof: it was gone in less than a day.

in my conversation with shai, she asked me what kept me busy when everyone's out. well, it's mostly cooking. and she said, "oh my goodness,rhea! domesticated ka na talaga!" amen, i say... just for how long i can't tell. but for now, i am savoring it, one day at a time.

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