Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New Beginning

Happy 2011 everyone!!!!!!! Hope every one's looking forward to something good this new year.

For this year, I'll be :

1. committing to a much healthier lifestyle

- eat better, move more and sleep on time

2. using my recipe books more and whip up goodies from scratch

- because practice makes perfect

3. joining the 5k walk for the Susan G. Komen's race for the cure

- walking or even running for the cure is so worth it

4. donating some of my stuff to charity

- giving is better than receiving

5. writing and updating my blogs more

- to let my creative juice flow

6. reading more books from the library

- for inspiration and motivation

7. reviewing for my PRAXIS exam

- can't forego my own professional growth

8. saving, investing and spending wisely

- for the sake of our financial health

9. busy thinking about positive thoughts

- because that's the most logical thing to do

10. loving, loving and loving more

- because that's what makes life worth living.

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