Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Time For Some Changes

I believe that in order for one to achieve some progress, changes have to be made. I started writing this blog to document my experiences as a wife who aimed to be different and to be better. The problem was I find it hard to write everything because there were times when so much is happening and I don't know exactly what to write. There also were times when nothing is happening and I have nothing to write. I do not want to abandon this blog the way I have abandoned my past blogs, so I decided to do the following:

1. Create 2 other blogs that are very specific namely:
a. - my blog for all of my food and cooking adventures
b. - my weightloss/journey to a healthier lifestyle blog

2. Use this blog for
a. remembering the people who touched my life
b. the 47 books I have aimed to read for this year - I featured 3 already (Hunger Games Trilogy)
c. documenting the trips I had with my sweet hubby
d. my Friday movie nights
e. my opinions, views, dreams and aspirations

So how do I describe my blog now: Not a plain housewife is a glimpse of my day to day adventures through books, movies, on the road and the people who shared this life journey with me.

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