Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Retreat

Twice or sometimes thrice a year, we go out in a retreat together with the rest of our community. This is a special time because we get to do something that we consider as a very important part of our life which is to spend time with the Lord...without any interruptions and distractions. I will not have any access to any electronics all throughout our retreat. Because of this, I will be putting a bit of a break with my 30-day blog challenge for the next 3 days and will resume on Monday. Monday will be considered day 1 for the 30-day challenge and I will come back revitalized and with more stories to tell. So, goodbye for the meantime and talk with you on Monday!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

We Walked with Francis

We walked with Francis on the September 23 and the hubby was fortunate also to be with him together with the rest of the families from around the U.S. and the world for the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia.
This was a big deal for me because Pope Francis was the first pope that I have ever seen in person. I passed on the opportunity to see Pope John Paul II in the Philippines during the World Youth Day which happened when I was in college and I will forever regret it. To see the vicar of Christ and to personally hear his message of hope and encouragement for all of us, both Catholics and non-Catholics alike, is truly a blessing.
I have to admit though that going to the canonization mass in the Basilica was a feat. I am not sure if this is something that I want to do over again but to see Pope Francis in person and to also listen to him makes all the pain of walking, waiting and standing in line for more than 5 hours is worth it.   
Given the opportunity, we will walk with Francis again!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Movie Night: Mad Max Fury Road (What a lovely day!)

taken from:
The hubby is currently on a fall break and I am very happy for that for a number of reasons such as:
1. We both get to sleep more. 2. We have a lot more time to spend together to do errands and other stuff like dates and 3. He gets to relax and we can have a lazy Sunday evening. Note that a lazy Sunday evening = movie marathon c/o redbox but in my case, just a movie; because my limit is just one and if forced well, you just have to wake me up after because I have this tendency to just sleep through it.

Last night, we watched Mad Max which stars Charlize Theron, Tom Hardy, Nicholas Hoult among others. It felt like a continuation of the original Mad Max movies starring Mel Gibson.

What I like About the Movie:
1. the setting of the movie - a desert with violent storms complete with massive tornadoes that only the tough can withstand.
2. the story line I think was very clear. Even if I have not seen the original movies, I would still understand the plot.
3. girl power - the women here were not damsels in distress, they were very strong and they are survivors. I love Furiosa (Charlize) because she is intelligent, strong and rocks with one arm which reminds me of someone (shoutout to my dear Kat Tan - she is for me the original Furiosa).
4. there's an end to tyranny - that the good does prevail and bad things do happen to extremely bad people
5. Max's humility - how the main character allowed the women to shine and redemption was more than enough for him
6. the shift in Nicholas Hoult's character was great - the realization that there are people worth dying for as opposed to the tyrant/overlord
7. the chase scenes are on point and are quite remarkable. I love that they used not just cars and trucks but bikes as well and that they were not just fighting with each other but they were also fighting the elements
8. the tyrant's entourage was complete with an electric guitar playing killer and drum playing warriors

Monday, October 12, 2015

The Prompt: The meaning behind my blog name

This prompt was taken from Pinterest - entitled The 30-day Blog Challenge saved from
When the prompt says blog name, what comes to my mind right away was that of the title of my blog and then the name that I use in the blog. So, because of this - I decided to explain how both came about.
I will start with the easiest which was the name I used in the blog. Rhea (pronounced with a short e - like Ray -ah) is the nickname my Mom and Dad gave me. The boo was added by yours truly because there was a time during the 90's when I was obsessed with the song My Boo ( "at night, I think of you - I want to be your lady, Baby. If the game is on, give me a call Boo").
moi and my kitchen
The not a plain housewife came up as a consolation for myself when I literally became one. Being a housewife is something that I resent because I was never a domestic goddess. I worked all throughout my single life and the title itself, I find to be a bit demeaning. It's nicer to hear the term homemaker as opposed to a housewife. In my crazy head, when people ask my current profession and I say "housewife" - their face seems to crumple a bit. Thus, I decided that it needs to be preceded by a phrase that would erase that negative notion of a housewife - not a plain housewife is born.
I love this title because it inspires me to aspire to be someone who is a housewife and is proud to be one because I am more than that title. Because the reality is, being a housewife is not just being someone who takes care of the house but so much more than that - we are treasurers, auditors, nurses, counselors, psychologists - the keeper of peace and the heart of the home. I have to admit that I've been one for the last 7 years and while I do miss working and earning, I have learned to accept, appreciate and love being one. To date, I still am not a domestic goddess but I am working on it...little by little.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Prompt: 7 Things that Cross My Mind A Lot

This prompt was taken from Pinterest: bubblenews by @Paulin.
The 7 things that cross my mind a lot are:
1. a life with children
- We've been married 10 years and after 3 surgeries, we still had no luck conceiving. We are very much open for adoption but right now, everything except our marriage are a bit unstable and it would be unfair to introduce an innocent to this. I want our kids to have wonderful childhoods, live in a neighborhood where they can grow up with their best friend and have roots.
2. how beautiful it would've been if my Dad was still alive
- I lost my Dad to a massive heart attack on Feb.11, 2009. I was thousands of miles away from him when it happened and the last time that I saw him, he was playfully sticking out his tongue at me while I was skyping with my older sister - he was on the background. I miss him a lot. I wish he could've visited with my Mom and he would have been mighty proud that our first car was a Rav4 because he liked that car too.
3. how to make myself better
- because the reality is, there is always room for improvement. I am not self-loathing by doing this, on the contrary - trying to improve oneself I believe is an expression of self-love. Example: I want to lose weight, not because I hate what I look like in the mirror but because, when I lose weight - it's easier for me to move and play with my students,nieces and nephews.
4. why the violence when there's so many things to use our energy on?
- because if you are angry, you can just channel them up towards something beneficial for everyone like weeding, digging and starting a garden or building a house. I also think that violence is also a product of pent-up anger so before that frustration reach it's limit, why not vent it out through writing, counselling, exercise etc.? Seek Help to Get Help!
5. how can I be more productive?
- I am a procastinator and it is a hard habit to break. I am also lazy so that makes it a double-whammy. But I am striving to be more productive by diligently making sure that I am doing something worth doing through planning my day ahead. It is a struggle but this is one fight that I would like to emerge victorious.
6. how I can I show the hubby that I love him so much?
- just because I want him to know just how much.
7. Am I fulfilling my life mission?
- because it would a shame to meet the Creator and fail to report anything to Him...think Parable of the Talents.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

The places we've been....

I love to travel and it is something that I realized only when I was a bit older. It actually started during my college days when part of the activities that we have was to collect specimens for Ecology and Zoology which reached it's peak on our Palawan trip for our Field Biology. That was the first time that I travelled independently and also the time that I somehow managed to conquer my motion sickness issues with the help of meds and gallons of white flower - a tincture made from a magical blend of aromatic oils. It never occured to me that I will venture outside of my country and get to do a lot of travelling with the best travel buddy in the world - my hubby! So here are some of our unforgettable travels for the past 7 years that we've been living here.
1. Pittsburgh - a 4-hr drive going to Pittsburgh Zoo and eating at Primanti's and another 4-hr drive going back.
2. New York - a 2nd home of some sorts because we somehow manage to visit this place every single year at least twice since all of my uncles and their families are there and also some of our dear old friends.
3. Virginia Beach - our 3rd home of sorts because we have our close friends - the Delima's living there and we try to visit them at least once or sometimes even twice also a year. It is a 5-hr drive but oh so worth it!
4. Washington DC - used to be almost an hour and half from our old place but now just 45mins away.
5. Vermont - I really wish that I
could own an organic farm here someday and also run a bed and breakfast! This place is beautiful!
6. New Hampshire - where I felt like I'm in heaven after riding the Mt.Washington Cog train!
7. Boston,Massachusetts - where we visited the institutions that educates some of the biggest brains in the world c/o Harvard and MIT
8. Orlando, Florida - where we are allowed to be kids at heart as we play at Disneyworld and experience what it feels like to be Harry Potter in Universal Studios Islands of Adventure
9. Alabama - where we had our fried green tomatoes at Whistlestop Restaurant and have a photo op with Vulcan
10. Nashville, Tennessee - where we visited a life-size replica of the Parthenon and the goddess Athena in all her splendor
11. The Big Easy - New Orleans - where the old and new intermingled overlooking the Mississippi River.    

Friday, October 9, 2015

I love you....To the Moon and Back.....

clear sky and the moon - 8930T&C

When I was still single, it was a wonder to me why some people find it hard to stay together and now that I'm married - I learned that truly - marriage is no picnic or a walk in the park.

We celebrated our 10th year anniversary on my birthday this year and I realized that I never got him anything and today I will remedy that by dedicating this blog to the love of my life.

Since it's our 10th year anniversary, here are 10 things that I love about this guy:

1. He is patient.
- He courted me the traditional Filipino way (minus the harana) and really spent time to get to know not just me but also my family. The fact that we are still married is a testament of how patient this man is.

2. He accepts me for what I am.
- This sounds like a line from a song but it is a reality for me. He knows all of my weaknesses and shortcomings, yet - he is still here with me.

3. He keeps me grounded.
- I admit that I sometimes forget myself and he gently brings me back to earth.                                    
My love with the moon on his fingertips
4. He is my number one cheerleader.
- Often, I do find myself doubtful of my ability to do things and I get discouraged easily. Whenever that happens, he tells me that I can do everything that I put my mind into.

5. He gives me alone time especially when I just want to be on my own. Also, he doesn't mind if I have girl time with my friends.

6. He is funny without even trying. He makes me laugh and helps me see the humor in almost all situations.

7. He is so easy to please. For as long as there's a hot meal waiting for him at dinner time, he is a happy man.

8. He gets along with almost everyone. I like that he is friendly and can strike a conversation with anyone. He is also very humble and a trooper.

9. He is a problem solver. When there's a problem in our midst, he doesn't complain but look for ways to solve it instead.

10. He helped me revitalize my faith and helped me become an active Catholic.

I love you, baby to the moon and back. Excited to celebrate the next 65 years with you.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Prompt: The 5 Skills You Wish You Had and Why?

the trusty gps - taken during our last trip to Florida
This prompt is from an article by Mandy Wallace that I got from pinterest. It is actually a journal writing prompt but I don't mind sharing this for everyone to see.

To answer the question, the 5 skills that I want to have had are:

1. Time Management
    - The reality is time waits for no one and it is a precious commodity. Since we are humans and we have quite a short lifespan, then why not make the most out of it. I wish I have this skill because it would help me become more productive, be able to help people and realize my dreams. I know it's not too late and I can still be a great time manager but darn, when I look back - all that wasted time! Well, we just have to keep moving forward so moving on....
2. Great Driving Skills
    - At 37, I have never been to the driver's seat ever. I am always a passenger and never the driver. I want to have this skill because it will grant me a huge amount of freedom and mobility. Also, it's handy in times of emergency and also because I do love long drives plus the hubby wants to experience how it is to be a passenger with me as the driver. This is something I will work on in the next 2 years. I vow that I will not allow myself to turn 40 and not get a driver's license or at least try to get a driver's license. According to the hubby, everyone in my family is such a good driver which means that I can be one to - it's in our genes to be great drivers. Well, let's not disappoint this wonderful man!
3. Hair, Make-Up and Wardrobe
    - I want to have the ability to do my hair and make-up and also put together a beautiful wardrobe for any events that I will have the opportunity to be in. So far, the only thing that I know about make up is how to put a lipstick or lip balm on and for hair styling, I can only do a mean pony tail. The wardrobe department I feel is easier with me and according to the hubby - I do know how the to dress especially when the occasion calls for it. I wish to have this skill because it will really boost my self-confidence and it doesn't hurt when the hubby can't seem to take his eyes off of me either.
4. Organizational Skills
    - Organizational skills is a skill that truly encompasses every aspect in one's life.Why do I want this skill? Who would not want to have the ability to organize not just paper works but also household bills and budget, the pantry and fridge, menu, the underwear drawer? Being organized makes it easier to navigate through the day and it works hand in hand with 1.  
5. Sewing
    - Sadly, I am the only one in our family who does not know how to operate a sewing machine and I am ashamed of it. I want to have this skill because I think this is a very practical skill and to have the freedom to sew your own clothes, curtains, pillows and bedsheets is heaven!
So, this are the 5 skills that I wish I had - What are yours?

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Key is Consistency

taken in 2008 before I left for the States, sadly none of the cuties survived
I think that the best way to kill a budding good habit is to stop doing it from time to time until one really stop doing it altogether. I feel that consistency is the key to success but it is also my enemy. I am the kind of person who does not maintain a routine and in my 37 years of existence, I can say that I am currently experiencing the consequences of my lack of consistency. But I have hope.... I am not dead, so it means that there is a possibility for a positive change and I am down for it! Thus born my 30-day blog-writing challenge....
So what is my 30 day-challenge? Simple, I am to write for 30 straight days about random topics and put it in my blog. The entry must be composed of at least 3 paragraphs and should include any random picture taken from one of my guarded files. Also, the challenge starts today, so WEEEEEE - I am almost done and on to the next paragraph as to make this official.
What is my purpose for the 30-day blog-writing challenge? I'm doing this really for the following reasons:
1. to prevent idleness because "Idleness is the workshop of the devil."
2. to rediscover my love of writing
3. to become good at the craft
4. to challenge myself
5. believe that with a lot of "umph", I can really do it!
There you go - day 1 of my 30-day blog-writing challenge is complete!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Comeback

It's been a long day, without you my friend....and I'll tell you all about it when I see you again.... - This line was playing in my head over and over again while I'm typing my first entry after a long hiatus. I know, I've been out and about and it's good to be back. I hope I would be able to breath new life to all of the blogs that I have almost abandoned.
So many things happened, some of them good and some of them not so good but I believe in silver linings.... Here's a rundown of the things that happened for the last 4 years:
1. we moved to a new place
2. the husband's got a new job in a new school
3. we celebrated our 10th year wedding anniversary this year - 10 years and he still makes my knees weak
4. I'm less than 3 years away from the big 4-0
5. we are currently in limbo in terms of residence - options: a. stay here b. go back to the Philippines c. go on another adventure in another country like new zealand or cambodia
6. had a surgery on 2013
7. travelled a lot - New Orleans, Niagara, Philly again
8. made new friends both young and young at hearts
9. lost my only living grandfather and I miss him - he is with Dad and our Creator now
10. walked with Pope Francis through the papal mass in DC
11. baked my first: bundt cake - banana, soft baked chocolate chip cookies, egg pie, chocolate crinkles
12. cooked my first: laing (Filipino dish), pasta pesto from scratch, vegetarian puttanesca, beef pot roast
13. almost memorized every nook and cranny of the national mall in DC
14. hosted numerous family and friends in our tiny and cozy one bedroom apartment
15. experienced what it's like to apply for a job and get rejected over and over again..
16. experienced the high of people calling you and offering you the job that you have to turn down
17. being complemented by a young guy and saying that he thought I was 10 years younger than my original age
18. had a real authentic ramen for the first time
19. belonged to a very diverse community - it felt like UN
20. gave my first pep talk with a young guy and told him how proud I am after scolding him 15 mins. prior to that
21. gave my first girl talk with my goddaughter about periods
22. experienced what it's like to have an almost nervous breakdown
23. bailed out on my PRAXIS test because I feel like I was not ready
24. had a faith crisis
25. learned that - when life gets tough, you'll know who your real friends are  
26. felt what it's like to be in an apartment on your own (thanks to the hubby's 2-day trip)
27. learned that I have an inner Martha Stewart in me that was unleashed via Colton's baptism
28. people who have less are more generous than those who have a lot
29. my phone which was the 2nd store-bought phone I ever owned will hopefully be the last phone I ever have to buy at least until it dies on me
30. rode lady in the mist down to the horseshoe area of the Niagara falls
31. bonded with my cousins and niece whom I have not since for 11 years or more
32. became addicted to korean food: hello bing soo even on a winter day!!!!!
33. discovered the yummiest authentic french crepes in Alexandia,Virginia - La Fontaine, we'll be back.
34. Ravi, our Rav4 - fully paid....
35. have several missing teeth because of weak gums - the hubby said he never noticed it....
36. profound appreciation to fanfiction where my pairings become a reality and not just a figment of my imagination (i.e. Sheldon + Penny = Shenny 4evr) and pinterest where I get most of my ideas and create boards for inspiration
37. realized how blessed I am inspite of our precariousness.