Saturday, October 10, 2015

The places we've been....

I love to travel and it is something that I realized only when I was a bit older. It actually started during my college days when part of the activities that we have was to collect specimens for Ecology and Zoology which reached it's peak on our Palawan trip for our Field Biology. That was the first time that I travelled independently and also the time that I somehow managed to conquer my motion sickness issues with the help of meds and gallons of white flower - a tincture made from a magical blend of aromatic oils. It never occured to me that I will venture outside of my country and get to do a lot of travelling with the best travel buddy in the world - my hubby! So here are some of our unforgettable travels for the past 7 years that we've been living here.
1. Pittsburgh - a 4-hr drive going to Pittsburgh Zoo and eating at Primanti's and another 4-hr drive going back.
2. New York - a 2nd home of some sorts because we somehow manage to visit this place every single year at least twice since all of my uncles and their families are there and also some of our dear old friends.
3. Virginia Beach - our 3rd home of sorts because we have our close friends - the Delima's living there and we try to visit them at least once or sometimes even twice also a year. It is a 5-hr drive but oh so worth it!
4. Washington DC - used to be almost an hour and half from our old place but now just 45mins away.
5. Vermont - I really wish that I
could own an organic farm here someday and also run a bed and breakfast! This place is beautiful!
6. New Hampshire - where I felt like I'm in heaven after riding the Mt.Washington Cog train!
7. Boston,Massachusetts - where we visited the institutions that educates some of the biggest brains in the world c/o Harvard and MIT
8. Orlando, Florida - where we are allowed to be kids at heart as we play at Disneyworld and experience what it feels like to be Harry Potter in Universal Studios Islands of Adventure
9. Alabama - where we had our fried green tomatoes at Whistlestop Restaurant and have a photo op with Vulcan
10. Nashville, Tennessee - where we visited a life-size replica of the Parthenon and the goddess Athena in all her splendor
11. The Big Easy - New Orleans - where the old and new intermingled overlooking the Mississippi River.    

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