Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Comeback

It's been a long day, without you my friend....and I'll tell you all about it when I see you again.... - This line was playing in my head over and over again while I'm typing my first entry after a long hiatus. I know, I've been out and about and it's good to be back. I hope I would be able to breath new life to all of the blogs that I have almost abandoned.
So many things happened, some of them good and some of them not so good but I believe in silver linings.... Here's a rundown of the things that happened for the last 4 years:
1. we moved to a new place
2. the husband's got a new job in a new school
3. we celebrated our 10th year wedding anniversary this year - 10 years and he still makes my knees weak
4. I'm less than 3 years away from the big 4-0
5. we are currently in limbo in terms of residence - options: a. stay here b. go back to the Philippines c. go on another adventure in another country like new zealand or cambodia
6. had a surgery on 2013
7. travelled a lot - New Orleans, Niagara, Philly again
8. made new friends both young and young at hearts
9. lost my only living grandfather and I miss him - he is with Dad and our Creator now
10. walked with Pope Francis through the papal mass in DC
11. baked my first: bundt cake - banana, soft baked chocolate chip cookies, egg pie, chocolate crinkles
12. cooked my first: laing (Filipino dish), pasta pesto from scratch, vegetarian puttanesca, beef pot roast
13. almost memorized every nook and cranny of the national mall in DC
14. hosted numerous family and friends in our tiny and cozy one bedroom apartment
15. experienced what it's like to apply for a job and get rejected over and over again..
16. experienced the high of people calling you and offering you the job that you have to turn down
17. being complemented by a young guy and saying that he thought I was 10 years younger than my original age
18. had a real authentic ramen for the first time
19. belonged to a very diverse community - it felt like UN
20. gave my first pep talk with a young guy and told him how proud I am after scolding him 15 mins. prior to that
21. gave my first girl talk with my goddaughter about periods
22. experienced what it's like to have an almost nervous breakdown
23. bailed out on my PRAXIS test because I feel like I was not ready
24. had a faith crisis
25. learned that - when life gets tough, you'll know who your real friends are  
26. felt what it's like to be in an apartment on your own (thanks to the hubby's 2-day trip)
27. learned that I have an inner Martha Stewart in me that was unleashed via Colton's baptism
28. people who have less are more generous than those who have a lot
29. my phone which was the 2nd store-bought phone I ever owned will hopefully be the last phone I ever have to buy at least until it dies on me
30. rode lady in the mist down to the horseshoe area of the Niagara falls
31. bonded with my cousins and niece whom I have not since for 11 years or more
32. became addicted to korean food: hello bing soo even on a winter day!!!!!
33. discovered the yummiest authentic french crepes in Alexandia,Virginia - La Fontaine, we'll be back.
34. Ravi, our Rav4 - fully paid....
35. have several missing teeth because of weak gums - the hubby said he never noticed it....
36. profound appreciation to fanfiction where my pairings become a reality and not just a figment of my imagination (i.e. Sheldon + Penny = Shenny 4evr) and pinterest where I get most of my ideas and create boards for inspiration
37. realized how blessed I am inspite of our precariousness.

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