Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Prompt: The 5 Skills You Wish You Had and Why?

the trusty gps - taken during our last trip to Florida
This prompt is from an article by Mandy Wallace that I got from pinterest. It is actually a journal writing prompt but I don't mind sharing this for everyone to see.

To answer the question, the 5 skills that I want to have had are:

1. Time Management
    - The reality is time waits for no one and it is a precious commodity. Since we are humans and we have quite a short lifespan, then why not make the most out of it. I wish I have this skill because it would help me become more productive, be able to help people and realize my dreams. I know it's not too late and I can still be a great time manager but darn, when I look back - all that wasted time! Well, we just have to keep moving forward so moving on....
2. Great Driving Skills
    - At 37, I have never been to the driver's seat ever. I am always a passenger and never the driver. I want to have this skill because it will grant me a huge amount of freedom and mobility. Also, it's handy in times of emergency and also because I do love long drives plus the hubby wants to experience how it is to be a passenger with me as the driver. This is something I will work on in the next 2 years. I vow that I will not allow myself to turn 40 and not get a driver's license or at least try to get a driver's license. According to the hubby, everyone in my family is such a good driver which means that I can be one to - it's in our genes to be great drivers. Well, let's not disappoint this wonderful man!
3. Hair, Make-Up and Wardrobe
    - I want to have the ability to do my hair and make-up and also put together a beautiful wardrobe for any events that I will have the opportunity to be in. So far, the only thing that I know about make up is how to put a lipstick or lip balm on and for hair styling, I can only do a mean pony tail. The wardrobe department I feel is easier with me and according to the hubby - I do know how the to dress especially when the occasion calls for it. I wish to have this skill because it will really boost my self-confidence and it doesn't hurt when the hubby can't seem to take his eyes off of me either.
4. Organizational Skills
    - Organizational skills is a skill that truly encompasses every aspect in one's life.Why do I want this skill? Who would not want to have the ability to organize not just paper works but also household bills and budget, the pantry and fridge, menu, the underwear drawer? Being organized makes it easier to navigate through the day and it works hand in hand with 1.  
5. Sewing
    - Sadly, I am the only one in our family who does not know how to operate a sewing machine and I am ashamed of it. I want to have this skill because I think this is a very practical skill and to have the freedom to sew your own clothes, curtains, pillows and bedsheets is heaven!
So, this are the 5 skills that I wish I had - What are yours?

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